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Kanye West Surprises Kim Kardashian With Private Kenny G Performance For Valentine’s Day — Watch

Kanye West showed that he doesn’t play around with holiday gifts for Kim Kardashian! See his beautiful romantic Valentine’s Day surprise for his wife, inside!

Would you expect anything less? For the holiday of love, Kanye West, 41, went ahead and surprised his wife Kim Kardashian, 38, in a classically-Kanye over-the-top manner. He arranged for 62-year-old saxophone player Kenneth Bruce Gorelick  – also known as Kenny G – to play romantic songs for Kim in their home, while surrounded by white, pink, and red roses.

Kim clearly was all about the gift! She shared multiple videos and a picture on social media of her special Valentine’s Day gift in her house! She captioned one her posts in capital letters, “No big deal Kenny G in my living room,” the mom-of-three said. “Happy Valentines [sic] Day,” with three lip emojis. One of the songs Kenny G played for her was “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” In another post, Kim said, “Best husband award goes to mine 🙋🏻‍♀️!!!! Most thoughtful gifts ever!!!!” Kim showed Kanye standing close by in a video clip, with him smiling at Kim loving his present.

In one of her video clips, she showed that Kenny G had an escape route to get away from all of the roses safely! Kim proved that he had a walkway, clear of the many single-flower vases, for when he would be finished with his performance! But we’re sure Kim didn’t want the romantic music to end. We wonder if Kanye had the flowers moved into a single vase once the performance ended – we sure would hope so, since that’s a lot of potential thorns to accidentally step on!

While Kanye surprised Kim, we on the other hand weren’t surprised one bit that he went to such measures to show his love for his reality star wife! Kanye has proven time after time that he wants Kim to be treated like a queen – from Cartier bracelets to endless bouquets of flowers, Kanye knows how to romance his woman! If this was his surprise for her during the day, we can’t even imagine what else he had in store for his wife for the rest of Feb. 14. But we’re sure we’ll find out soon enough on social media!

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