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Test Prediction: Choose A Pattern And Find Out What Awaits You In The Future

Look at all the patterns and choose the one that attracts you the most. The selected pattern will tell you what to expect in the future.

Pattern # 1: Tea Roses

If you like the pattern with tea roses more, it means that you are a sensitive and caring person, endowed with unlimited kindness. You can share with others, even if you have not so much. Generosity is given to you by nature. You simply radiate a positive wherever you are. You appreciate beauty, friendliness and sincerity, and always keep your promises. However, you can sometimes forget about yourself, paying a lot of attention to others.

It’s time to change everything and love yourself the same as other people. You deserve it. The choice of tea roses – a symbol of joy and friendliness, says that a new life awaits you ahead. This may be a new pet or a family member, or it may be a different understanding of life. Something exciting and fresh will burst into your life, and you should meet it with open arms.

Pattern # 2: Turquoise Leaves

The choice of turquoise leaves speaks of your freaky nature, who is looking for adventure and new impressions. Your friends know that you can always have a great time, and you will cheer them up. But they also appeal to you when you need a strong hug or waistcoat to cry. You are a generous and loving person, and your energy is infectious. Know that your brave soul is able to get you far.

Since you are a creative person with a rich imagination, you often soar in the clouds. Sometimes you need to go down to the ground, but not lose the ability to be surprised. Turquoise leaves symbolize healing and recovery, and this suggests that new opportunities have faded on the horizon (probably, those you have been waiting for). Keep moving forward and keep faith in your abilities. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Pattern number 3: blue watercolor dots

If you chose a pattern with blue watercolor dots, then you are a calm and balanced person, able to maintain equanimity even under pressure. You are collected, scrupulous and restrained, but you can passionately believe in something and love with all your heart. You are like a quiet port in a storm, and therefore your friends and loved ones draw energy from your peace of mind. Since you always try to stay strong for others, you sometimes forget about yourself

Give yourself a break and relax sometimes. You need it, and you deserve it. The choice of blue dots, representing strength, stability and unity, suggests that in the future you are waiting for a new contract. This may concern a house, a car, sign a friendship with someone or a new contract. The results will please you!

Pattern # 4: Dark Triangles

If you are attracted to dark triangles, then you are a passionate nature with a good sense of humor and a thirst for life. You are an insightful, charming and courageous person, and people are drawn to your radiance. You have a tendency to dramatize, but most of all you like to laugh and make others rejoice. Your emotions are strong and very deep. Sometimes you hide behind a mask of strength and courage.

Allow others to sometimes see the other side of your personality — your sensitive nature and tender heart. They will love you even more. The choice of triangles, symbolizing illumination and harmony, indicates that you will soon be visited by a new idea. You will be able to get rid of obstacles in life, and everything will finally fall into place. You’ve been waiting for this for so long, and this hour has come!

Pattern # 5: Black and White Zigzag

If you like the black and white pattern with zigzags, then you are a smart, elegant and creative person. Where others see a problem, you see solutions. You are smart and cheerful, not afraid to take risks. About you it can be said that you are an energetic and bold person who leaves an indelible impression. For other people, you are a hopeful and reliable friend. Perhaps you are unaware of this, but you are an example for many people.

Always be motivated, since the decisions you make have a big impact. Never forget the influence you have on others. The choice of black and white zigzags, representing balance and contrast, means that in the near future you will have an important surprise that will complement your life. It will be exactly what you lacked and what you needed. It may not be in the form you expect, so be open to everything.

Pattern number 6: lilac cell

The choice of lilac pattern in a cage says that you are a sweet, sincere and disinterested nature. You never boast and do not boast about your merits, while remaining a modest and mundane man. You like to meet new people, but you are a little shy, especially in a big company. Some people consider you a very gentle person, but you can roll up your sleeves and work hard. It may scare you, but it’s time to make your voice heard.

Express your opinion and insist on yours. People will love what you want to say, and you can influence others with words. The choice of the lilac cage – a symbol of innocence and the beginning, indicates that in the future you will find a new love. This can be either a fabulous novel, or a new pet, or an addition to the family. Strong feelings and a new union are waiting for you.

Pattern number 7: rainbow circles

If you are attracted to the pattern with rainbow circles, you are a playful, energetic and charismatic person. You are passionate and funny and enjoy having fun. Always cheerful and trying to find something good in the bad, you just radiate a positive. Your emotions and dedication are very deep and you have a generous nature. You love to give and receive surprises, and always young in the shower. Because of your kindness and friendliness, many are tempted to sit on your head.

Be careful with false friends, but do not lose the warm attitude and confidence in others. These are very rare qualities. The selection of rainbow circles representing completion, cycles and infinity suggests that someone will take care of your unfinished business soon. You missed it so much in your life, and now it’s time to reap the rewards. The burden and stress will soon recede into the background. 
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Pattern # 8: Yellow Grid

The fact that you have chosen the yellow grid clearly indicates that you are a cordial, optimistic, and merciful person. Balance and order are important to you, but you are willing to take risks if you need to help others. You are kind and reasonable, and upbringing plays an important role for you. Many may say that you are old-fashioned, but, in fact, you are a classic. You radiate grace and elegance that others admire.

Since you are generous and merciful, you tend to take on more than you need. Allocate time only for yourself – you need it. Choosing a yellow grid, a symbol of growth and support, indicates that you will soon have a great opportunity to grow. It can also mean that you will receive help from another person. It is important for you not to refuse this help, and you will not regret the results.

Pattern number 9: green and blue touches

The fact that you are attracted by the pattern with green and blue strokes indicates that you are an observant person who does not miss anything. You first listen and then speak, absorbing information around you, like a sponge. Since you are a very sensitive person and know how to put yourself in the place of another, you often like to dive into books or movies. You are kind and hateful when others suffer. Other people reach out to you for help knowing your sensitivity.

But you try not to take on the feelings of others, otherwise it can absorb you. From time to time, step back and get rid of the negative. Your choice of pattern with blue and green strokes, symbolizing vitality, tranquility and health, means the approaching new stage of life. It will be filled with challenge and change, and will become the new head that will make you grow. You may be worried, but just try to go with the flow.

Pattern number 10: wavy lines

If you like wavy lines, then you are an abstract, free-thinking person with a developed imagination. You are a broad-minded person, a creative person who likes to learn something new. You love to smile and laugh, you have a light temper, and you make friends wherever you appear. You value love and happiness above money and wealth. You are a carefree soul with a developed self-esteem that may confuse some people.

You always remain true to yourself and will not change for the sake of others. Wavy lines representing distance and progress indicate that a journey awaits you ahead. It can be a literal journey or a spiritual path. In any case, take this new adventure, and you will like the point to which it will lead you.

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