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14 Incredibly Hilarious Amazon Reviews That Definitely Deserve Five Stars

Not all Amazon purchases are winners — but, at least you have the consolation of being able to leave a vastly entertaining review.

Here are some people who really left a lasting impression when reviewing their purchases:

14. This amazingly cynical book purchase.

13. This person who was soiled — I mean, foiled — in their efforts.

12. This extremely apt Yeezy review.

11. This beautiful ode to a bathroom scale.

10. The review you should read if you thought a yodeling pickle would be totally useless …

9. This EXTREMELY ENTHUSIASTIC praise for the Green Ranger costume.

8. Exhibit A in a disturbing bear abuse case.

7. The sassy reviews for this unsettlingly phallic cookie cutter.

6. This salty response that this person honestly should have seen coming. (Also, just buy those 19 things in your Amazon cart already!)

5. The reviews for this truly unfortunate car decal.

4. This customer who clearly had it up to HERE with the excess packaging.

3. This super harsh butter consumer.

2. This almost religious Charmin review.

1. This mattress pad customer who’s clearly living their best life.

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