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Palmistry | How To Know Your Sun Line Is Good Or Bad

Sun Line is most important line on hand in palmistry because Sun Line represents name and fame and also indicates wealth. So if subject is having good Sun Line then definitely he/she will get success in his/her life but if subject is having bad Sun Line then definitely he/she will get less success or obstacles and failures in his/her life.

How To Check Your Sun Line On Hand

Sun Line is located underneath Ring Finger on Mount of Sun.  Sun Line is a vertical line which is present on base of Mount of Sun.

Types of Bad Sun Line

1). Broken Sun Line  

Broken sun line indicates financial instability and insecurity in career.  Financial loss, demotion and court case due to cheating or false allegation.

2). Island on Sun Line

Island on Sun Line denotes loss of reputation, loss of money and loss in business.

3). Ladder type Sun Line

Ladder type sun line denotes frequent changes in career and there is no stability in career.

Types of Good Sun Line

1). Long and Straight Sun Line From Mount Of Moon

Long and straight Sun Line From Mount of Moon or from above bracelet or starts from middle of palm without any bad sign on it denotes success and fame starts from early life or from adult life (from early 20s).

2). Sun Line Starts From Fate Line

If Sun Line starts from fate line then this is very auspicious sign.  Subject is wealthy and famous person.


Sun Line Starts From Business Line

If Sun Line starts from business line then it indicates good success in business, success in land deal, many properties, and rich.

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