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Woman Sends Wedding Invites BEFORE Boyfriend Proposes After Taking Online Quiz

A woman baffled her friends by sending out wedding invitations BEFORE her boyfriend actually proposed.

It told her she would be getting married this year, so she decided to start seriously thinking about her big day.

The woman has been with her boyfriend for a few years and was really excited to receive the invite, assuming he had popped the question, reports the Sun .

So she was left a little confused when the friend revealed he hasn't actually proposed yet.

"I told her that I could see a wedding for them happening sometime though.

There were a mixture of replies to her post, and some people claimed it isn't actually that unusual to start planning the wedding before the proposal.

One wrote: "We started planning our wedding about six months before we got engaged, not everyone takes a linear path."

Another added: "Planning a wedding before an engagement isn't a big deal, if both people are on board. But already asking guests to RSVP to an 'event' is the weird part here!"

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