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Test: Do You Have Depression?

Do you have symptoms of depression? Understanding the test by David Burns, author of Mood Therapy: A Clinically Proven Way to Overcome Depression Without Pills. 

note the frequency of manifestation of each of these symptoms for you (from 0 to 4) during the last week, including today. And calculate the amount, how many points you will gain in the end. 
0 – never
1 – sometimes
2 – moderately
3 – often
4 – very often
Thoughts and feelings
1. Are you sad or in a bad mood

2. Feel sad, dejected
3. Feel the urge to cry, tearfulness
4. Feel discouraged
5. Feel hopeless
6. Have low self esteem
7. Feel a sense of worthlessness and worthlessness
8. Feel guilty or ashamed
9. Criticize or blame yourself
10. Having difficulty making decisions
Activities and personal relationships
11. Feel the loss of interest in family members, friends, colleagues
12. Feel lonely
13. Spend less time with family or friends
14. Feel the loss of motivation
15. Feel a loss of interest in work or other activities 
16. Avoid work and other activities 

17. Feel the loss of pleasure and lack of satisfaction from lifePhysical symptoms
18. Feel tired
19. Have difficulty sleeping or, conversely, sleep too much
20. Have a decreased or, conversely, increased appetite
21. Notice the loss of interest in sex
22. Worry about your health.


Calculate the amount of points earned in points 1–22.
0–5 – No Depression
6–10 – Normal, but unhappy
11–25 – Mild depression
26–50 – Mild depression
51–75 – Severe Depression
76–88— Extreme Depression

Illustration: BoJack Horseman

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