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Perception Test: Where Is The Black Dot?

This test of quantum physics will change your perception of things. Look at the image and answer: where do you see the black dot?

We know that everything is in constant motion, that everything around us changes over time. Nothing remains the same, neither we nor our bodies. 
Nevertheless, there is something in us that constantly seeks to classify, direct, structure. Maybe it makes us feel more secure. 
But quantum physics again reminds us that not everything is as tough as it seems to us. If you still do not believe, look at the following image and answer: 

Have you been able to determine where the black dot is?“NO”
According to quantum physics, an electron inside an atom can be in one place and simultaneously (or later) reappear in another place due to the emission or absorption of energy. 
This phenomenon is known as “Quantum Superposition.” In other words, one could say that one can be another or hundreds at a time. 
Under normal conditions, something is in a unique position. However, at the quantum level, it can be found in thousands of positions in unison. This explains the fact that, while watching the image, you see several black dots instead of one fixed.
For this reason, according to quantum physics, there are also identical parallel universes. Thus, our universe will be in an infinitely larger and more complex structure, which will be the multiplication of parallel universes! 
These complex concepts of physics can also be transferred to our daily lives. Thus, they help us understand that nothing is so fixed or structured.

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