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Test: Choose The Wolf That Symbolizes Independence And Find Out When You Need Loneliness

When and why do you need to isolate yourself from others? This interesting and accurate visual test will help you understand it.

The wolf is one of the most respected and feared animals in the world. Currently, most wolves in North America live in Canada, avoiding people as much as possible.

They are still found in some parts of Europe, although, also there, they were almost eradicated at the end of the 19th century. What Europeans did not know about wolves is that they are really very friendly, social and intelligent animals. The whole group cares about puppies as they grow up, and wolf parents are very devoted and kind to their young.


Wolves are also ritualistic, like humans. Their social behavior is based on a hierarchical structure, with an alpha male and an alpha female. They also mark certain territories as sacred.

Many people around the world respected and thought very positively about wolves. In the Lakota language , the word wolf, sunkmanitu , means ” divine dog .” 
They were seen as teachers with the ability to instruct us in our daily lives and in all the problems that accompany them. The lessons they teach are not always easy to digest, but they are necessary.

The wolf is a symbol of guardianship, ritual, loyalty and spirit. He has the ability to make fast and firm emotional attachments, and often needs to rely on his own instincts. Therefore, it teaches us to do the same, to trust our hearts and minds, and to have control over our own lives.


When and why do you need to isolate yourself from communicating with others? This interesting and accurate visual test will help you understand it.

Wolf # 1

It is convenient that you avoid people when you are under the influence of negative emotions and subconsciously you cannot control your words and actions. 

In this way, you can avoid many annoying mistakes in your life.

Wolf # 2

You require loneliness when you face an election or are on the eve of making an important and serious decision, or if you are looking for a successful path. It is better for you to focus on the process and exclude any communication as a distraction.

Wolf # 3

For your temperament, it is useful to separate yourself from society when you restore your spiritual or physical strength. 

You have a strong personality and an indomitable spirit. You know how to heal yourself on various levels, without outside help.

Wolf # 4

You are not the type of person who enjoys teamwork and aspires to have collective benefits. 

When you are busy with a serious, important and necessary business for you, loneliness is better.You find it very effective to have a successful ending.

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