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This 86-Year-Old Great-Great Grandmother Just Published An Erotic Novel

Move over E.L. James, a new erotica writer just burst onto the scene, and she's 86 years old. Georgia Gorringe, a great-great grandmother from Salt Lake City just published her first romance novel, No Good-Bye, under the pen name Georgie Marie, reports KUTV. Gorringe’s children and grandchildren weren’t too sure if anything would come of her writing hobby, but after five years working on a tale that she describes as “steamy,” Gorringe’s book was released digitally last February and is set to hit bookstores soon.

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While it’s totally inspiring to see someone tackle a new challenge at a later stage in life, it’s even more exciting that Gorringe is delving into this subject at an age where many falsely assume that sex is just off the table. That myth definitely needs to be debunked, as many women in their 70s and 80s have reported high levels of sexual satisfaction and exploration, according to recent research. Turns out, women of a certain age are way more carefree and fearless when it comes to getting the pleasure they deserve—so we all have a lot to look forward to!

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Gorringe’s No Good-Bye follows the adventures of a bored housewife who loves listening to a sexy radio announcer, Dr. Ben Carpenter. But passively listening leads to calling and writing in to the show, and even entertaining the idea of an in-person meeting with this alluring voice. Hot, right? Check out her interview with KUTV below:

While Gorringe says the book is fiction, her children suggest they might know who she's talking about. Whatever the case may be, Gorringe proves that it's never too late for a new sexual adventure or a frisky fantasy.

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