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Test: Choose A Drawing And Know What Others Do Not Dare To Tell You

What is it about your personality that others see but don’t tell you? Choose a doodle and find out in this test.

We all have parts that remain hidden because we don’t want others to see them or simply because it is hard for us to see ourselves. Darker parts, unconscious parts, that when they come to light they reach us directly to the ego and make us feel bad, or react defensively.

Although we can have genuine friendship, family or partner relationships, others do not always dare to tell us everything they think of us. Sometimes because they simply do not consider it necessary, and sometimes because, knowing each other, they imagine that we will not like them.

What is it about your personality that is not encouraged to tell you? Choose a doodle and find out what they are not telling you.


Doodle 1

You are a denying person, but it is difficult to tell you. You tend to minimize things that happen to you and “sweep under the carpet” until there is no more space. Deep down, you are sensitive and things affect you more than you allow yourself to assume. Others may ever tell you, but it is common that you directly react to the defense or with that same ease saying no, that it is not so much. But deep down, deep down, everyone knows that you care. And you know it too.

Doodle 2

You choose again and again things that make you sick. Jobs you don’t like, relationships that don’t nurture you, friends who criticize you, etc. You don’t do it consciously but you usually find yourself in the same situations and don’t see it so clearly. As if your memory had been erased, you don’t connect one thing with the other. You act as if everything is new to you. That leaves you in a place of victim that takes away your power of decision, but it is very difficult to tell you because it is something very sensitive for you.

Doodle 3

You constantly talk about your stuff. You have the “ombligocéntrico” syndrome that when others tell you their things, you always have the ability to look back at you. It is hard for you to listen and you think that everything that happens to you is more serious or more important than that of others. That can generate problems with friends; especially because it is hard for you to accept that you are like that. Then, people who love you may have stopped telling you.

Doodle 4

Do not dare to go beyond the safe. You are a person who would like to do other things and usually complain a little about what happens to you, but it is hard for you to go for more. When someone suggests what you could do, or how you could change it, you usually get angry or feel pressured. So, they may not be encouraged to tell you, but in the end they just want to see you happy.

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