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Kanye West Convinced People ‘Out To Get Him & His Family’: Wants Armed Guards In Home

Kanye West’s paranoia has been getting the better of him. A source tells EXCLUSIVELY that Kanye’s sure someone’s out to get him and his family, and to ensure their safety he now wants armed guards surrounding his home at all times. Here’s the scoop.

Kanye West, 39, was admitted to the hospital after an alleged breakdown on Nov. 22, and since then he has reportedly been suffering from extreme paranoia. However, a source tells that Kanye has been paranoid for a long time now, and even believed that his family may be in danger.

“He’s convinced someone’s out to get him, Kim (Kardashian) and their kids,” an insider told EXCLUSIVELY on Nov. 29. Kanye is now wanting to take some precautions that Kim simply isn’t comfortable with. “He wants armed guards and guns in the house 24/7 and that freaked Kim out. They live in a fortress right now.”

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“Things were bad before and were only exacerbated by the Paris robbery,” the source continued. “It was like Kim being robbed proved all of his terrifying fears.” Poor guy! Kanye has dealt with many struggles over his life, the worst of which was his mother Donda tragically died of heart disease related to problems with plastic surgery in 2007. However, the source tells us Kanye actually believes his mom was intentionally murdered, which is where his paranoia originally came from. The tragedy was “a massive emotional blow to Kanye and rocked him to the core. He’s never been the same since her death. “

Doctors still haven’t been able to properly diagnose Kanye since he was admitted to the hospital on Nov. 22, but luckily he has had Kim at his side the whole time. Hopefully she can make him feel safe now and help him learn to feel safe in his home later.

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of Kanye worrying someone’s out to get him and wanting armed guards in his home? Share your thoughts with us!

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