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'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Finale: Kris Proposes To Kim But He Almost Doesn'T Do It! Find Out Why!

Kris covered Kim’s bedroom in rose petals and even got her mom and best friend to help him — were you shocked by Khloe and Kourtney’s unsupportive reactions?!

Kim Kardashian said yes! Well you already knew that, but on the season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians we finally were able to see how it all went down! Kris Humphries really is the perfect guy for Kim — her rock is huge!

After the family vacation in Bora Bora Kris decides that he can’t live his life without Kim. So after asking Kim’s stepdad Bruce Jenner for her hand in marriage, he embarks on the Kris Jenner coined term: “operation cinderalla.”

Kris goes to New York and picks out a gorgeous engagement ring but he enlists Kim’s best friend Jonathan Cheban to get it from the Big Apple to LA. They have to get a Brinks armoured vehicle to deliver it and Kim’s mom Kris has to meet the armed guards at Dash to pick it up.

When Kris arrives at Dash she runs into Khloe but Khloe has no clue that a proposal for her big sis is around the corner. Since the soon-to-be engagement is so top secret, Kris has to lie to Khloe to steer her off course! Khloe doesn’t buy it but Kris manages to get away with the ring.

Kris goes to meet Kris (confused yet?!) at Kim’s house with the ring but they have to hide in the backyard because paparazzi are hot on their trail.

The entire family goes to dinner thinking Kris is going to propose but after a big fight with Kim, Kris gets cold feet. On the way to dinner, Kim tells Kris he lives in a “college dorm” and that if she is going to move to New York, her quaility of life must be the same. Kris is clearly much more conservative than Kim, and at that moment he doesn’t know if Kim is the one for him.

Kris decides not to propose at dinner and instead plans a more intimate setting. Kris’ sister is in town and convinces him that Kim is the one.

Kris puts hundreds of rose petals that spell out “will you marry me” on the floor of Kim’s room and places candles in the shape of hearts on the glass tables. Kim walks into the room wearing all white, how fitting, and takes one look at the ring and says YES!

When they go over to the Kardashian mansion to tell the family, everyone gets confused and doesn’t believe it’s real. Kris stupidly tells the family it’s a joke which puts a damper on the initial reaction. When everyone finally realises it’s real, the reaction was less than enthusiastic. Khloe and Kourtney don’t even get up and no one sheds a tear for the moment Kim has been waiting for her entire life! Jealous b***hes if you ask me!

Kim’s mom surprises Kris with minature horses because he made a joke earlier in the episode about wanting them if he were to propose. The episode ends with clips of Khloe and Kris fighting over whether his intentions are pure or self-serving.

We know they tie the knot because who will ever forget their lavish nuptials on Aug. 20. But for now you’ll have to wait until the two-day four hour E! special this October!

— Chloe Melas

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