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The New Way To Escape An Uncomfortable Date In The U.K.

Have you ever felt unsafe or uncomfortable on a date and wished the ground would swallow you up so you wouldn't have to concoct an excuse to leave (such as the old "family emergency" line)?Luckily, an ingenious new campaign has been created to save us from these unfortunate encounters.Lincolnshire Rape Crisis's #NoMore initiative encourages people on dates in bars and other social areas to ask staff to "speak to Angela" to get out of situations in which they feel upset or unsafe, reported The Independent.The phrase acts as a warning to staff that the person feels uncomfortable and they will then help to diffuse the situation and help them make a discrete exit.

Would you 'Ask for Angela' during a distressing or difficult date? Judging from the number of dating stories we've heard, we've no doubt the code words could come in extremely handy.

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