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Tayshia Adams' Instagram About Her John Paul Jones Breakup Is Heartbreaking

It's a sad day for Bachelor Nation, y'all. After much speculation over the relationship status of Bachelor in Paradise's Tayshia and JPJ, fans finally got their answer — though it's probably not the one they wanted. Luckily, it seems the reality stars parted on good terms. In Tayshia Adams' Instagram about her breakup with John Paul Jones, which she posted on Oct. 30, she provided a lengthy explanation for the split. According to Adams, they "decided that what is best for the both of us is to go our separate ways," though she says they still hope to remain in each other's lives.

Adams hasn't posted any pics featuring her and Jones together since Sept. 18, just one day after the Bachelor in Paradise season finale aired. "TAYPJ for the win!" she captioned the pic. She made a more recent appearance on Jones's Instagram, however, as he shared a snapshot on Oct. 7 of him and Adams having brunch. Even if fans weren't suspicious about the lack of social media love, eyebrows were definitely raised when Adams was supposedly spotted at dinner with another man last week. Though she explained that the mystery guy was "one of my good friends/business partner," she's now left no doubt about where she and Jones stand.

But upon leaving Paradise for reality, Adams and Jones apparently discovered that their relationship wasn't built to last. Adams went on to explain that she and Jones tried as hard as they could to make things work, but "living on opposite coasts, and working insane schedules" ultimately made their long-distance partnership impossible to maintain. Jones commented on the 'gram with a heart and praise hands emojis, so I take that to mean he's in agreement.

While some fans may be surprised by this news, it seems that some Bachelor alums saw this coming. Soon after the news broke, Dylan Barbour tweeted, "color me shocked," and though this appears to be a response to Adams' announcement, I can't know anything for sure.

Here's what I do know: TAYPJ is done, and I am heartbroken. As Adams explained, she hopes that "being open and honest" to her fans will help her "heal and move on," and hopefully her candid caption will allow her to do just that.

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