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Personality Test: If You Went To The Bar In Solitude … Which Chair Would You Choose?

With this test you will discover the way you have to relate to others and the environment.

Have you ever been to a bar alone? There are those who do it often, and there are also those who do not even think about it. However, going out alone is a good way to meet new people, relate to new environments and live experiences.

Therefore, today we present a test with which you can discover some things about how you relate to others and the world.

It does not matter if you are used to betting alone at the bar of a bar or if you have never done it before, you have to use a little imagination. If you went to this bar in solitude … Which chair would you choose to sit on?

Chair A: emotionally distant

If you chose the first chair, it is that you are the kind of distant person. It does not bother you to relate with others, but it is not your priority either.

In general, you focus more on the environment than on people. If you go to the bar alone, it will be to drink a rich beer and get away from the day to day. You are not interested in going to make new friends, which you already have enough with.

In general, you have long and lasting relationships, because you are pretty unconditional. You are one of those who listen more than they speak.

Sometimes, even your closest friends may feel that they do not know anything about you. It is that you do not like to show what is inside you. You are independent, and in general you keep your feelings for privacy.

Chair B: sociable but insecure

If you chose the second chair, you are surely one of those who are eager to make new friends, but it is difficult for you to take the first step.

You look for a colleague to accompany you in your adventures, to feel stronger. You are not afraid to make new relationships or live different experiences than usual, but since you are a little insecure, you prefer to have an ally.

When others approach you, you are most likeable. Therefore, you do not hide from the eyes of others, you smile quickly and end up falling well to everyone.

Chair C: Safe and adaptable

If you chose chair C, you are a very safe person and have no problems adapting to the environment. You love meeting new people, and you’re the first to get a conversation with the chair next door or the barman.

You would be the perfect ally for the one who chose the B chair, since you are the one who goes to the front, everything is encouraged, and he always redoubles the bet.

Despite your ability to make new friends, you value and take great care of your “old” relationships. Even if they spend a lot of time without seeing you, your friends know that you will always be there for them.

No matter what adventure you’re in, you’ll always have time for the people you love.

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