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Test: How To Know If You Have A Highly Sensitive Personality

Have you ever felt a special person? Do you feel that your intuition and perception are very developed? You may be a highly sensitive person. 

Have you ever felt like a special person? Have you perceived more intensely the energy of a place or a person? Do you feel that your intuition and perception are more developed? If you have answered these questions affirmatively, then you may be a highly sensitive person (PAS) .

You are not alone nor are you an alien. Two out of 10 people have this type of sensitivity and, it is believed, is a hereditary trait. It is not a disease or disorder, nor does it require treatment, but it can affect those who have it if they can not manage it correctly.

According to Dr. Elaine Aron, a highly sensitive person:

  1. Reflect deeply
  2. Tends to over-stimulate or become saturated
  3. He has a strong emotionality (empathy)
  4. It has a high sensory sensitivity

But in addition, there are other characteristics that can identify a highly sensitive person:

  • They are affected by bright lights, strong smells and noise
  • They feel overwhelmed by stress situations or places with a lot of people
  • Enjoy the arts and nature
  • They can feel the pain of others because they are very empathetic
  • They have a low pain threshold
  • They cost the limits
  • They feel that they do not fit socially

According to the book “The Gift of Sensitivity”, by Dr. Aron, between 15% and 20% of the population is highly sensitive. But how do you know if you are?


Here we share an orientation test so you can get closer to the answer. It has been proposed by Dr. Aron and it is very simple. You just have to read the following sentences and mark which of them you feel identified with.

– I have the feeling of being aware of very subtle things in my environment.

– I am affected by the behavior of others.

– I tend to be very sensitive to pain.

– On busy days, I usually need to retire, lie down in bed, look for a dim room or any other place where I can find some comfort and relief from stimulation.

– I am particularly sensitive to the effects of caffeine.

– I am easily overwhelmed by things like bright lights, strong smells, coarse fabrics or police sirens or ambulances.

– I have a rich and complex inner life.

– The loud noises make me feel uncomfortable.

– I am deeply moved by the arts or music.

– I am very conscientious.

– I get scared easily.

– I feel overwhelmed when I have many things to do in a short time.

– When someone feels unhappy in a physical environment, I usually know what needs to be done to make him feel more comfortable.

– It bothers me that others pretend to do too many things at once.

– I try hard not to make mistakes or forget something.

– I usually avoid movies and violent series.

– I find the activation triggered by the hustle and bustle around me unpleasant.

– Changes in life shock me.

– I usually perceive and enjoy good essences, flavors, sounds and works of art.

– It is very important for me to arrange my life so that I can avoid disturbing or overwhelming situations.

– When I have to compete, or when being observed in the execution of a task, I get so nervous / insecure that I end up doing it worse than I could do it.

– When I was a child, my parents or my teachers used to see me as a sensitive or shy person.


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