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Emotional Test: What You See First Will Tell You What You Want To Be

Contacting what we really love is not always easy. Use this test to discover what you really want with all your desire.

Contacting what we really love, motivating and strengthening is not always easy. Many times the fears are great and they take us out of the way.

What do you see first in this image? The answer indicates what you want in the depths of your being.

A lock

If what you see first is a lock it means that you are in a stage of your life in which you want to be loved, content and feel taken care of. You seek an affective bond that is authentic, transparent, honest and pure. You want to surrender and open your heart, knowing that you will not be hurt and that your feelings will be reciprocated in the same measure.

A woman

If what you see first is a woman, what you deeply desire is to establish and grow, to take root and strengthen the course of your life. It is time to bet everything on the path you have chosen and put all your energies in your projects so that they develop and strengthen. You will need patience to wait for things to pay off, but it will have been worth it because learning will have made you wiser and stronger.

An eye

If, on the other hand, what you see first is an eye, you must launch yourself towards the search and experimentation. You have discovered that life is an adventure that you need to live, you want to go out into the world and discover the unknown. The comfort of home and of the safe have given you the confidence to fly and trace your own way, even if you do not know exactly what the point of arrival will be. What matters is the trip, you have no hurry to reach the next destination, but you want to discover what life can offer you. Cheer up!

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