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Guys From This Country Tell The Biggest Lies About Their Penis Size

Today in news that will surprise literally no one, men lie about their penis size!

However, now we have some idea of who lies the most, courtesy of a new, very unscientific survey by British dating site, According to the Daily Mail, the survey asked men from the U.S., Canada, the U.K., India, and Australia to measure the length of their erect penis. The study authors also asked women from these countries to estimate how big their last sexual partner was while hard.

After comparing the average peen measurment from the men and women, the survey found that Australians are most prone to exaggeration—the men surveyed claimed an average of 7.09 inches, while the women reported an average of 5.58 inches, which is a pretty big discrepancy.

Canadians are apparently the most honest about their penis size: Canadian women reported that the average penis size of Canadian men was 6.95 inches. They were only .11 inches smaller than the men’s measurements.

Like their Australian counterparts, American men also oversold their goods, reporting an average penis size of 7.3 inches. American women most decidedly do not agree with that assessment: They reported an average of 6.64 inches instead.

British men exaggerated a bit as well, with an average of 6.89 inches, while British women reported the same length as American women (6.64 inches). In contrast, Indian men underestimated the size of their penises, with Indian women claiming that the average penis size is 6.3 inches—.23 inches longer than the men reported.

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For the record, the average penis length is roughly 5.2 inches, or at least one inch smaller than all of the men's measurements.

Obviously, asking people to self-report data like this runs the risk of people exaggerating and also estimating an inaccurate number. Plus all the respondents came from SaucyDates’ membership pool, so take the results with a hefty dose of salt. That said, it is interesting how often men and women’s perceptions of penis size differed. The moral of the story: When it comes to penis size, honesty is probably the best policy.

The article Men From This Country Lie About Their Penis Size the Most originally appeared on Men’s Health.

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