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The Kinkiest Sex Facts (You Didn’t Know You Needed)

Last month, we tackled the topic of sexual confidence; this month, we’re delving a little deeper. If you haven’t noticed, people are becoming increasingly  interested in more adventurous sex subjects. Several sex practices that may have once been labeled as taboo are now becoming more widely accepted, but there are still a lot of stigmas and misconceptions surrounding alternative forms of sex. These misunderstandings are not only hurtful for the people who practice them, they also stop people from exploring new things that they might really enjoy. 

That’s why we want to take the “freak” out of freaky sex! All month long, we’ll be exploring anything from fetishes and fantasies to BDSM, kink and more. Consider this an opportunity to learn more about the things you’re afraid to ask, but are dying to know about—Curious minds welcome!

To ease you into our sizzling month of exploration and imagination, we’re shedding some light on some not-so-dark corners you’ll be lucky to get into. Here are 10 facts about the world of kink.

1.Kink is a playful usage of the concept of human sexuality. It is considered a normal bend in one’s sexual behavior compared to a traditional way of thinking about sex.

2. Kinky sex may improve your mental health. It is also known to be an indicator of a stable, secure relationship.

3. There are two types of fetishes.

Inanimate: fixation on objects.

Animate: attachment on specific body parts.

4. Fetishism is typically found in men more often than women. Two of the most common fetishes involve obsessions with feet and voyeurism. (Check out the rest in this blog!)

5. Never feel bad for letting your fantasies run wild during sex! According to research, 46% of women and 42% of men fantasize about being with another person while doing to the deed with their partner. The top three candidates are former lovers, close friends and colleagues. 

6. The state of your relationship will influence the sexual fantasies you have. If you are in an anxious relationship, your fantasies will be more emotional. If you feeling disconnected from your partner, your fantasies will be more aggressive. 

7. Women who fantasize during sex have heightened arousal and more intense orgasms. Creating different images can make your mind and body more powerful during sex. Many women will have more fantasies during ovulation due to a rise in libido and testosterone.

8. People who practice kink and BDSM are just as psychologically healthy as people practicing traditional sex. 

9. Consent is a main priority in any kink or BDSM practice. Many practicing partners will create a type of contract stating what they want from the interaction. It is their principle to ensure that their partners play safe. 

10. BDSM may or may not involve penetrative sex at all, depending on who is playing. What matters more is erotic play with pain and power. There are several interpretations of what it looks like, and each partner gets to establish what will happen in the duration of their scene.

Couples who practice kink and BDSM are found to communicate more about their needs and desires than couples having vanilla or non-kinky sex. They will discuss what is off limits and will establish safe words to communicate that something is wrong and needs to stop immediately. Most practices have a follow up conversation to talk about their experience.

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