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Lifehack Your Workouts For Better Sex

Strength and stamina may be the pillars of a bang-up workout, but the same can be totally said for one of life’s greatest activities: hot sex!

Between the toned muscles, increased energy and bolstered overall mood  – it’s hard to imagine a better wish list of qualities within the bedroom.

Like any time you break a sweat, certain goals have specific moves to target them best.

So if you feel the urge to bulk up your intimate performance, consider adding a few of these spicy sexercises to your very own fitness routine.


Squats are our best friend when trying to reach that perfect peach of a booty, but they also happen to work wonders for boosting blood flow below the belt. Whenever you have more circulation coursing through an erogenous zone, it automatically increases sensitivity and elicits stronger orgasms. While at it, they also help stretch your inner thigh muscles, which can make some of the more…adventurous positions more doable, and less painful the next day, too.


Push-Ups & Planks

When it comes to any positions that require holding yourself above a partner, doing push-ups and planks can be a major key to success. Not only do they help develop staying power within the arms and upper framework, but also the body as a whole. Which means the overall intensity you’ll feel in the process will assist with full-form movements like repeated thrusting and the ability to stay coordinated.


Lunges & Scissor Kicks

Whether you realize it or not, the legs play a huge role in the art of dynamic sex. They support our entire physique as it shifts around. So if they aren’t strong enough, it can throw off our balance and stability in the moment. So lunges and scissor kicks can be great ways to hit the whole roster of muscle groups throughout the legs, practice endurance for crouching positions like cowgirl, and double down on yet another sensation-heightening exercise within the pelvic region.



Rounding out the list is the sexiest exercise of them all: Kegels! It goes without saying how integral pelvic floor muscles are to orgasms in the first place. So strengthened PC’s can only amplify the experience from there. These exercises tone the muscles that contract during climax. This results in boosted libido and increased satisfaction, both common side-effects of this titillating form of training.


Contrary to almost all other workouts, you don’t even have to do Kegels yourself! With the help of special tools like the Intensity by Pour Moi, you can simply sit back, relax, flip it on and enjoy the perks of a device that uses electrostimulation to complete the exercises for us—rabbit vibe included.   


There’s no denying the benefits of working out, but who would have thought that pumping iron could help forge the path to pleasure? Good things in life rarely come without putting in some hard work. So just know that sweating it out with exercises like these can have powerful effects in the bedroom. You might never look at a gym the same way again…


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