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Instagram Star Slammed For Incredibly Awkward Photoshop Fail - But She Refuses To Take The Pictures Down

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Johanna, who was born in Sweden, travels the world taking fabulous snaps for the 'gram, but recently some of her pictures got her in to a spot of hot water.

The 28-year-old visited Paris a few months ago on an all-expenses-paid trip, to take photos wearing various clothing items.

And while she did in fact go on the trip, you'd be forgiven for thinking she stayed home if you looked at her pictures from that week.

This is because Johanna decided to use Photoshop to change the background of her images - and it's painfully obvious.

In one image, the young woman appears to have been superimposed upon a bridge over the River Siene, her feet hovering above the pavement.

Another shows her sitting outside a café, her arm resting against the back of the chair and a glowing white outline around her hair. The background has been altered to add a tree and an umbrella is missing.

Following controversy, in which several Swedish publications called her out on her poor Photoshop skills, Johanna admitted to editing her photos.

Her followers on social media were also shocked by the photos.

One person wrote: "My cat does better Photoshop."

Another commented: "Queen P (Photoshop) just try to find someone who is good in this shop s***, it looks like u r doing it by using paint."

"And when I put it up nobody noticed so I thought, this is good.

"So I admit it wasn't my finest Photoshop skills. Now in Sweden this thing has gone crazy and TV shows want me to come on and talk about my 'fake travelling'."

She added: "It's a bit ridiculous I think. There are a lot of influencers out there that use Photoshop in birds, rainbows or crazy skies and I could do that but I don't like that.

"I just wanted to make that clear that I was in Paris, but I did Photoshop the background, but I'm not going to take them down because it's a collaboration and they're nice pictures - it's a good outfit!"

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