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Test: Are You Flexible Communicating?

The principle of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is that the responsibility in the communication belongs to the person who expresses the message and not to the person who receives it. This means that it makes no sense to say: I explained it well, he is the one who has not understood. If you really want the other person to find out what you express, it is important to develop as much as possible your ability to communicate.
Our success, both professionally and personally, depends largely on our ability to communicate with others correctly. Imagine for a second that we communicate with all people in the same way, with the same attitude, with the same intonation.Have you thought about? For the loved one: “Hello, good!”, For the director: “Hello, good!”, For the seller in the store. Of course, this does not happen. When we communicate with any interlocutor, we unconsciously include a certain behavior model. With someone we are more sincere in the dialogue, with other circumspect. The more behavior we have and the more accurately we can determine which one is the most appropriate in each individual situation, the more flexible and effective we will communicate and the easier it will be to achieve our goals.

Do you have the ability to communicate flexibly?

This test is different, you should look for pencil and paper so you can write down and get the answer. We suggest you list from 1 to 9. Then, answer “YES” or “NO” to each of the questions. The more honest your answers are, the more accurate the test results will be!


Let’s get started!

Question 1. Is it difficult for you to imitate other people, adopt their form of communication, habits, speech style, among others?
Question 2 . Do you sometimes start “controlled foolishness” by pretending to be silly to entertain others and / or have fun?Question 3. Do you think you could be an excellent actress?
Question 4. In appearance, sometimes you seem more serious or, on the contrary, more carefree and cheerful than you really are?
Question 5. Can you hardly be called the soul of the company, or as it is said colloquially “the soul of the party”?
Question 6. Have you noticed more than once, that you communicate with others in different ways?
Question 7. Do you defend only what you are 100% convinced of?
Question 8. Do you skillfully know how to assume the roles that are expected of you, for example, at work you become serious and active, and when dealing with a loved one, fragile and vulnerable?
Question 9. Do you have the ability to be sociable and even positive, with those people you really can’t tolerate?


Calculate how many points you earned in this test: calculate 1 point for each “YES” answer to questions 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 and 1 more point for each “NO” answer to questions 1, 5 7 .


0 to 3 points.

You express a direct style of communication and an established behavior that practically does not change, wherever you are. In a conversation, you can easily allow yourself to be “sharp”, without really thinking about the reaction of the interlocutor to your words.

When you are surrounded by friends and / or family, you are able to reveal yourself sincerely and literally, becoming an “open book.” It is true that your openness does not always play well in your hands, since you can inadvertently offend your interlocutor or be reckless and unintentionally reveal a secret entrusted to you.

4 to 6 points.

You are a sincere person and in your heart you expect reciprocity. You experience mild discomfort (often unconscious) when the situation requires you to be flexible in your communication style and behavior, since you know that a certain “hypocrisy” is waiting for you. For this reason, you are quite selective in communication.

Remember that our life and our happiness are inextricably linked to the people around us: love the process of building flexible communication, look at it as a useful skill, start enjoying a relaxed conversation, thanks to this you can expand your circle of friends and Discover many opportunities to improve all areas of your life.

From 7 to 10 points.

You are very flexible in communication, without problems, you enter the roles that are expected of you; In fact, you correct a particular situation in terms of your personal benefit and success.

You have an enviable sensitivity in communication and you could even act like a psychologist. He knows how to make a positive impression on almost any interlocutor, skillfully adjusting your communication style.

Maintain your sincerity and improve those important moments when it is appropriate to “take off the mask.” This will make you successful and happy!

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