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Test: How You Feel About These Qualities Will Determine Your Happiness

“ Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy. ”- Ralph Marston

If someone on the street asked you if you are happy, what would you answer?

Many factors influence how we feel on a day-to-day basis, whether it is a struggle at work or a problem in our personal lives, and most of them can reject our feelings of positivity and well-being. 

And we are not alone, according to the 2013 World Happiness Report, the countries of North America are less happy than they were five years ago.But, as scientific research has discovered, happiness, to some extent, is an option, so why does it sometimes feel so difficult to choose it?

Let’s be realistic: we all want to be happy in life. But, for many people, happiness is like a rainbow, captivating but elusive. They keep walking but never seem to reach it. 
This is because happiness is a vague concept that cannot be quantified or experienced through our five senses. It is an intangible state of being that can only be perceived within the realm of emotions and spirit. It is also very personal for everyone and can only be defined based on individual preferences. 

Does not matter who you are. Happiness is something we all look for. Sometimes it is easy and natural, and other times it is a total struggle. “Happiness is one of those words that we pursue and desire, but we are not sure how to really get it or achieve it,”

Not sure if your level of happiness is normal?

The following test will present you with a word and you will have several options to answer how you feel about it. At the end, it will be determined if you walk through life with a smile that you cannot hide. You are that kind of person who always sees the glass half full or you are simply realistic. Time to find out! Press the “play” button and enjoy and live this unique and unrepeatable moment.

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