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Divorce Line In Male Or Female Hand - Unsuccessful Marriage


1) Marriage line in palmistry

2) Divorce line in female hand

3) Love marriage line in palm reading

4) Two marriage lines on right hand

5) Bad sign on marriage line palm reading

6) Marriage line different on both hands

1) Marriage lines in palmistry are horizontal lines underneath the base of little finger.  You need to consider dark, clear, long and stronger line as marriage line. If it is closer to heart line then it means the person will get married in his/her early 20s or in teenage.  But if it is right in the middle of the base of little finger and heart line then it indicates that the subject will get married in his/her mid 20s.  If it is closer to the little finger then it means subject will get married in his/her late 20s or in early 30s which is late marriage.

Check your hand to find out your marriage date and year (when you will get married) here - How To Calculate Marriage Age From Palm Lines 

2).  Divorce line on hand in palmistry - If your marriage line is forked then there are strong chances of divorce or separation. Inauspicious sign also indicates breakup, divorce and separation.  

3).  Love marriage line on hand - If any line from Mount of Moon join with your main fate line then it is a indication of love marriage or in other words if fate line branch goes towards Mount of Moon then it is a indication of love marriage.

4).  Two Marriage lines on Hand-  If two marriage lines on both hands then it is a clear indications of separation, unsatisfied married life, etc.

5).  Bad signs on Marriage line -  Break, island, cross, fork are inauspicious signs and create problem in married life.  So there are always chances of divorce, and separation.

6).  Marriage lines are different on both hands -  You need to give importance to dominant hand of subject and check other signs and lines of his/her hand.   

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