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Indications Of Winning Lottery, Satta And Gambling In Palmistry

Chances of Lottery and Gambling in Palmistry - Lottery Line On Palm Palmistry

1) Middle finger equal to ring finger

2) Sun line starts from fate line

3) Star on sun line

4) Money triangle on hand

5) Branch of business line ends on Mount of Saturn but branch should start from base of Mount of Sun

6) Lucky signs on hand

7) No worry lines on hand

Do You Have These Lucky Lines In Your Palm?

If Ring finger is equal to Middle finger then the person is found of speculative deals and risks his life, money and reputation. 

The person is a fool hardy gambler, if found larger than middle finger. Its crookedness and extreme length further degrades the person as a tricky gambler. 

If it is extremely long along with a strong mount of Mercury, the person willingly takes risks in business.

If branch from mount of Saturn join health line underneath mount of sun then indicates sudden gain of wealth, lottery win, success in share market, property, land business.

If fate line raised from head line then indicates sudden gain of wealth but after age 35.

If triangle on fate line (at starting) on Mount of Moon then it indicates chances of sudden gain of wealth from lottery, etc.

Money triangle also indicates richness or sudden gain of money.

How to find lottery numbers on hand through palmistry - honestly this is not true but yes there are few lucky signs on hand which indicates sudden gain of money through speculative business - 5 LUCKY SIGNS ON HAND

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