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These Are The Celebs People Masturbate To The Most

May is International Masturbation Month (happy International Masturbation Month, everyone!), and to celebrate, sex toy company We-Vibe is releasing new data on the masturbation habits of men and women.

As part of their 2016 Passion Report, the company polled more than 1,000 men and women on their solo sex habits and desires, and came up some cool findings. Among them: We’re not that into getting off from celebrities, but when we do, we tend to dream about the same stars again and again.

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According to the report, only 19 percent of women say they think about a celebrity when they masturbate, and single people are more likely to do it than those in a relationship. On the other hand, a whopping 33 percent of men slap the salami to celebrities.

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Who makes the cut when star cameos do come into play? Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Underwood, and Jennifer Lawrence were the biggest female stars, while Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling, and Adam Levine were the most fantasized-about dudes. Overall, folks get hot and bothered to a very interesting mix of personalities.

Here’s the full list, ranked according to how often people say they get off to them:

1.      Jennifer Lopez
2.      Carrie Underwood
3.      Jennifer Lawrence
4.      Jessica Alba
5.      Channing Tatum
6.      Emma Watson (We sense a Hermione Granger fantasy)
7.      Kim Kardashian
8.      Megan Fox
9.      Selena Gomez
10.    Taylor Swift
11.    Ryan Gosling
12.    Adam Levine
13.    Beyonce
14.   Janet Mason
15.   Jenna Haze
16.   Jennifer Aniston
17.   Jensen Ackles
18.   Johnny Depp
19.   Justin Timberlake (Really!?)
20.   Kate Upton

Worth pointing out: The overwhelming majority of guys we fantasize about are married or in a serious partnership (we’re looking at you, Gosling), while the women are a total mix from porn stars to married moms.

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In addition to reverting back to the same stars, the majority of people said they follow a masturbation routine, like watching porn, looking at pics, or using a vibe—but women are 16 times more likely to use a toy during masturbation than men. Not shockingly, dudes love their porn: More than 90 percent said that watching “new adult content” is the best way to boost their solo sex sessions.

At the end of the day, whatever you like is what’s best for you. But don’t hesitate to celebrate this month with a little extra self-love—you deserve it.

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