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Latex Halloween 'Scars' From Home Bargains Compared To Entirely More X-Rated Prop

Latex Halloween scars on sale at Home Bargains have been causing a stir for their resemblance to something entirely more x-rated.

The horror movie-style special effects were spotted on sale at the bargain store in Newton Abbot, Devon.

Many compared the latex scars to a vagina, with social media users baffled at the design, reports Devon Live .

One said: "Glad you said it's Home Bargains, I thought it was Ann Summers."

And somebody else said: "Must admit my first thoughts were not Halloween related."

Another admitted: "I’m not the only one. I thought I was being a pervert."

And another joked: "Stop fannying around."

Home Bargains were approached for a comment, but a spokesperson told Devon Live the company was not able to comment.

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