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Test: Is Your Eye Better Than Most?

Do you have the gift of foresight? Do you know how to predict future events?
In our life, we very often experience a sense of deja vu, it is such a feeling as if we had somehow come across certain people or a situation.
Do we have the ability to anticipate situations or is it our past history and experience that allows us to feel these feelings?
It is believed that in most cases, it is women who are endowed with this gift. They are more likely than men to have the ability to anticipate, because inside they have a kind of “radar” that allows you to do this.
How true is this statement? Why do not you try your hand with a simple task.
Take this simple test to see how effective your strength is!

The picture shows a clear sunny day. On the street you hung shirts that are dried under the scorching sun.
Suddenly you realize that one of the shirts still has a stain. Carefully study the drawing and determine which of the shirts, in your opinion, is still dirty?

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So, the test results are as follows:

If you chose a GREEN shirt:
You are an observer.
Your power of observation is so good that you are able to notice even minor details. You catch the small movements and gestures of each person. You can easily convey something to the world that you consider important and reach out to the heart of another person.
It’s written for you to be a good host or become a successful businessman.
If you chose a YELLOW shirt:
You are a reader of the heart.
You can read another person without any problems and easily guess how and for what reason a person committed this or that act. You are also easily able to solve problems.

In addition, as a rule, you are interested in solving complex mysterious things, cases and situations.
If you chose a PINK shirt:
You are a simple person without any superpowers.
You take things for granted and you don’t have the ability to predict situations. You do not know how to foresee events or the future.
However, we can say that you are fortunate not to be endowed with this power, as this significantly reduces your worries.
Unfortunately, excessive caution and accuracy sometimes very much interferes in some situations. After all, sometimes you miss big opportunities in life.
Try to be more attentive to your surroundings and never be afraid to face setbacks. Remember that failure is the mother of success. In an effort to get something, you get the blows of fate, which ultimately make you stronger and braver. You are formed as a person, in order to achieve the long-awaited success in life.
If you chose a PURPLE shirt:

You are a true fortuneteller and fortune teller.
You know and know how to observe people, their habits and habits. You can easily understand and recognize the characteristics and behavior of others. You do it so well and easily that you don’t even have to get distracted from reality.
The chances that others can trick you are almost nil. After all, even a real clairvoyant can envy your intuition.
If you chose an ORANGE shirt:
You are a person associated with human relationships.
Literally at the click of a finger, you can determine what people like and what not. You can easily guess their preferences.
You also just manage to cope with difficult situations, you unravel complex cases at a high professional level. And great intuition tells you when choosing the right partner.
When it comes to romance, you can easily determine if a person is right for you, whether he is your soul mate or not.

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