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Here'S How Many Women Fantasise About Their Co-Workers

If you’ve ever fantasised about a co-worker, you're not alone. In fact a surprising number of people do it, and even more shocking, some even go through with it.

A survey completed by Australian company, Yellow Octopus, questioned over 1000 people who have worked or work in an office to see how much naughty behaviour goes on behind the scenes.

The results showed that for women, 23 per cent of Millennials, 31 per cent of Gen X and 31 per cent of Baby Boomers have pictured what it would be like to get with a co-worker. Eleven per cent of these women turned their fantasy into a reality with a co-worker at work, and 4 per cent did it with someone in the office with a non-coworker.

More than half of men have imagined hooking up with a coworker with results showing 51 per cent of Millennials, 66 per cent of Gen X and 63 per cent of Baby Boomers admitting to having the inappropriate thoughts.

Of those who got down and dirty in the office, 82 per cent of women had intercourse, compared to 67 per cent of men. 

If you’re wondering when this kind of thing actually happens, surprisingly 36 per cent of people have engaged in sexual activity during work hours, 72 per cent after work hours and 17 per cent before work. 

Just don't get caught – like the 14 per cent of these men.

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