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You Can Seamless Plan-B If You Live Near This One Corner Store

If you live in New York City, Seamless is probably your best friend for a great many reasons. After all, who but your best friend would deliver an everything bagel to your door the morning after a hangover?And now, Seamless can also come to your rescue if you need an emergency morning-after pill. That's right, dear reader — thanks to Seamless, getting Plan-B is as easy os rolling over in bed and placing a breakfast order. While prepping for a Gilmore Girls marathon with my roommate just the other night, this writer inevitably ended up on Seamless in search of snacks and was surprised to see Plan B amongst the items for purchase at Corner Grocery on NYC's Lower East Side. The Cut reports that the bodega has been offering Plan B via Seamless for over six months now, with a description reading “Emergency Contraceptive Reduces Chance of Pregnancy after Unprotected Sex - Not for Regular Birth Control.” At $76.99, Corner Grocers is offering Plan-B at a pretty big mark-up — a 2013 report estimated that the average cost of Plan B was around $48. But if you don't feel like getting out of bed and buying it in person, this could be a pretty good option. Plus, who can beat the convenience of getting Plan B delivered to your door? Seamless, again proving that it always has your back — and not just for 2 a.m. cravings.

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