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If You’re Sexting With A New Person, Watch Out For This

If you’ve recently started flirting with someone new, you might decide to exchange sexy photos. But if you haven’t seen your match’s goods in person yet, look out: they might be cockfishing.

"Cockfishing" doesn't have anything to do with fish. The word is a combination of “catfishing” and, well, “cock,” and it’s also sometimes called “catcocking.” The term means that someone is tampering with their dick pics to give a false impression. This might mean sending photos of someone else’s penis, editing their own photos, or even taking photos at deceptive angles.

For an extreme example of why cockfishing is a bad idea, consider this: according to the Daily Mail, one man decided to trade dick pics with a Grindr match and got sent an old photo of his own penis in return. Remember, honesty is the best policy — including when it comes to sexting.

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