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Rascette Or Bracelet Lines On Hand In Palmistry

They are the horizontal Lines or curves separating the palm from the arm at the wrist. They vary in number from one to three or even more. These lines are found at the bottom of the palm.

Functions of the Rascette Lines

  • They indicate the longevity of the person, in particular.

  • One bracelet clearly marked and unbroken 23 to 28 years of life.

  • Two bracelets 46 to 56 years of life.

  • Three bracelets 69 to 84 years of life.

  • Four bracelets Octogenarians.

Characteristic Features Of Rascette Lines

  • First bracelet high on the wrist and convex - Trouble in reproductive faculties. 

  • The first bracelet chained and other bracelets well formed - A life of hard work and difficulty in the early years, but later life will be crowned with success.

  • The three bracelets very clear- well defined and colored - Health, wealth, good fortune and easy existence.

  • Poorly formed bracelets - Extravagant life dissipation.

  • Breaks one below the other under the Mount of Saturn - Inordinate vanity and untruthfulness, leading to disaster.

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