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The Winner Of 'The Bachelorette,' According To Body Language Experts

1Hannah can totally be herself when she's with Peter.

"Hannah and Peter look happy and bonded," says Orbuch. How does she know? There is no space between them and their smiles are both genuine (see the eye crinkles?). There's something about these cozy vibes that convinces Orbuch that these two are comfortable together and super-stable. Being together is just easy.

She does admit however, that she's not picking up on a ton of sexual chemistry (womp womp). But because Hannah's body is facing Peter's, Orbuch still thinks there's some serious romance here.

2Peter's affection for Hannah is totally evident.

...Like, even when they're posing.

In fact, the handholding, Peter's gaze zeroed in on Hannah, her full-body lean into him, and their mutual closeness has Orbuch calling Peter the winner.

Glass, on the other hand, isn't feeling the lack of eye contact on Hannah's end. But, I mean, someone has to show up for the camera, right?

3Jed has fun with Hannah, but that may be it.

While Orbuch admits that "Jed is definitely interested in Hannah"—notice the way he's leaning closer to her than she is to him—there's not much of a balance here when it comes to interest.

Then again, maybe Jed's just faking it for the fame? (I wouldn't put it past him.) Either way, Orbuch doesn't feel like there's a ton going of positive signs going on here, save for Hannah's intense but smiley look at Jed as they arm wrestle.

4Hannah's not feeling Jed the way he's feeling her.

If you ask Glass, she's not into this couple At. All.

This particular moment is "odd" and "forced," she says, and it isn't a good sign that Hannah's looking down, pursing her lips, and leaning away from Jed (see how he has to step forward to maintain body contact).

In his caption under this Instagram photo, Jed writes that time stopped on his date with Hannah, but according to this analysis, their relationship might have, too...

5Hannah and Tyler are heading in the same direction.

Meet Glass's pick: Tyler.

Right off the bat, Glass can't get enough of the way Hannah's face lights up when she's looking at Tyler. When asked why she's so convinced Hannah and Tyler belong together she goes off: "She's hanging onto him and looking up to him!"

She adds that their feet are pointed in the same direction AND they're stepping forward with the same foot, meaning they have the same goals for the future. What more can you ask for from people who met on TV?

6Hannah's all in when it comes to Tyler.

"She really likes him," says Glass. "She's closing the gap between her body and his by leaning in closely to him." See how her shoulder is basically covering his? You can't get much closer than that (save for sitting on top of each other)

Plus, there's some deep, deep eye contact going on between the two. And while Tyler's face looks a little unreadable in this moment, I blame the photographer—he's always one second away from breaking into smile when Hannah's around.

So there you have it: Peter, one; Tyler. I can't wait to see who wins...I may just keel over and die (in true overdramatic Bachelorette fashion) if it's Jed.

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