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Why Some Guys Send Unsolicited D*Ck Pics

In the decade since I first acquired a camera phone, I have sent exactly two pictures of my penis to other people.

The first went to my mom. But that was because she’s a nurse and I was having an eczema problem. (Read more about that harrowing experience.)

The second went to a woman who asked nicely for one. I was hesitant to oblige at first because I predicted (rightfully so) that things might ultimately not work out and she would be left with a picture of my penis to distribute as she saw fit. But then I remembered it didn’t really matter if people did see a snapshot of my manhood.

Why don’t I habitually send d*ck pics? Well, for one thing, I do not find penises to be at all aesthetically pleasing, and I don’t suspect that most women do, either.

But I know plenty of men who send them often. Here are some of the reasons guys send unsolicited photos so often:

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I’m sure there are other reasons. There have to be. If you’re really wondering why a guy sent you a dick pic—especially if you are uncomfortable with or upset about it—ask him why he found it appropriate to do so. If his answer isn’t satisfactory, never speak to him again. Trust me, there are plenty of guys out there who aren’t going to send you unsolicited X-rated pics. Like me. (I’m so lonely and single.)

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Scott Muska is a writer in New York City. You can follow him on Twitter @scottmuska, or email him at

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