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Woman From Oak Furnitureland Makes Awkward Blunder During Voicemail For Customer

We've all been there... you think you've ended a phone call, only to discover that the line is still connected - and you've just said something you shouldn't have.

Well, one woman has gone viral this week for the awkward moment she experienced, after thinking she'd disconnected a call to a customer.

Maxine from Oak Furnitureland left a voicemail message for Mark Anderson, asking him to contact the store to discuss the delivery of his new sofa.

But at the end of the voicemail, after she thought she'd hung up, Maxine can be heard singing along to an Ed Sheeran song.

On the message, Maxine can be heard saying: "Hiya Mark, it's Maxine from Oak Furnitureland, I hope you're well. Just wanted to have a quick chat with you about your recent order with us to go through the sofas and discuss the delivery.

"If you could give us a call back between now and 6pm, I'm here. Just ask for Maxine. Thank you."

Seconds after this, she begins singing the chorus to Sheeran's 2017 hit, Shape of You, crooning down the phone: "I'm in love with the shape of you."

Alongside the recording, Mark wrote: "Shoutout to Maxine from Oak Furniture Land who's in love with the shape of me."

More than 39,000 people liked his post and over 5,000 retweeted it.

Many also took the time to comment and share their amusement and  love for Maxine - whoever she may be.

One person said: "I'm howling."

Another commented: "HAHAHA this is brill."

A third added: "Bless her."

Someone else replied: "Love it. She's a keeper."

So did Mark speak to Maxine again after the message was received?

Speaking to MirrorOnline, he said: "I returned the call but as Maxine was on another call, I dealt with her collegaue.

"I was looking forward to letting her know how she had made my day.

He added: "I'm glad the response though is of people finding it really funny. So many people are quoting the tweet saying they love Maxine and that she's a legend etc and I can't agree more.

"There should be more people like Maxine in the world."

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