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Test Of The First Love: Choose A Footprint And Discover What It Is That You Will Never Forget About It

First love leaves an emotional mark that can accompany us for a long time. What is the footprint that has left in you? Discover it!

Who can forget their first love? There are even those who say that you never love again in the same way. The truth is that, positively or negatively, that first crush leaves us an emotional mark that can accompany us for a long time.

What is the trace that your first love has left in you? Choose one in the image below and find out.


1. Things are not always as you would like them to be

The first love taught you that there are as many possible realities as there are people in the world. That is, you and your partner can see the same from very different optics. What you want, and even what you fear, can be reflected in the way you understand what happens in the relationship. But if you have learned something, it is not everything is what you want it to be. Sometimes things take another direction, and there is nothing you can do to change the way the other sees the world, feels or desires.

2. You can not change someone who does not want to do it

If you have learned anything from first love, it is useless to fight or sacrifice waiting for the other to make a change, to suddenly wake up, make a “click” and be as you need. Other people have their times and their own limits and possibilities. You can not control that, and if you try, it will be in vain. Loving should not be waiting for another to become what you want, but accept it as it is.

3. You are worth much more than you think

Perhaps you are one of the people to whom the first love left you as a mark a great disappointment. Maybe that was the first time you gave yourself without measures, you jumped into the void without looking, and it did not turn out, you were hurt. Therefore, if you have learned something, you are worth much more than anyone can show you, and that value does not depend on what someone can tell you, but on yourself.

4. Trust in the other is essential in love

The first love to you taught you that trust is fundamental for a couple to grow and continue together. Maybe that person cheated on you, or you on her, and things did not end well. However, that trace was engraved on you and now you know that sincerity is the key to a healthy couple.

5. Love also hurts

Maybe the first love excited you much more than you would have expected. You gave yourself, you said yes, you opened your heart completely … And they hurt you. Over time you learned that it is necessary to take a little more care and unconditionally surrender to oneself. Suffering for love is part of taking a risk and, in that sense, you keep the mark of someone who does not hesitate to bet on what he really feels.

6. What starts fast, fast ends

Your first love was like a quick course of everything a couple “must” have. They loved each other, they fought, they became companions, they projected, etc. But with that same intensity, it was cut at the root, and you suffered it a lot. For that reason, the trace of the first love reminds you that you have to give things time, and that what usually starts fast, also ends.

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