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In What Place Does A Woman Have A Hole In Jeans, Is She Such A Person In Life: A Test

• Jeans are torn between the legs.
You are open, outgoing and cheerful. Optimistic and dreamy. However, they are somewhat lazy and slow. You are reliable, you can trust secrets, you can rely on. You prefer a calm and measured way of life, like to eat tasty and plentiful.

• Jeans tear on your knees.

You are energetic and collected. Punctual, smart and easy-going. Free time for you is an opportunity to go in for sports or to travel. You are clever and inventive, have good intelligence. However, they are somewhat anxious and easily susceptible to stress.

• Jeans tear at the back under pockets.
You are a mysterious person. You are full of surprises, easily changing appearance, work, lifestyle and even profession. Your main distinguishing feature is wit. However, spleen and irritability can easily attack you. At such moments, the “shabby ass” is better not to disturb.

• Jeans are torn at the very bottom, from the inside.
You are reckless and never lose heart. All to you – the sea knee-deep, even if there are real problems. You are lovers of parties, aimless walks, poetry and lyric music. Light amorousness is your highlight.

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