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Two Magic Items: Take The Test And Find Out Something Interesting!

We all loved fairy tales in childhood. And today you will have a wonderful opportunity to plunge into the world of magic.
This unique personality test will help you better understand yourself, identify the main problems and find ways to solve them.

Imagine that you fell into a fairy tale for a minute and you can choose two magic items.

So, before you:

  • Magic wand,
  • invisible hat,
  • Magic carpet,
  • self-cleaning tablecloth,
  • magic ball
  • rejuvenating apple
  • magic mirror
  • crystal ball
  • kladinetsky sword.

Choose two magic items: the first is the one you need now; the second is the one that you do not need, without which you would certainly be able to live. Now you can proceed to the interpretation of the selected items.

So, the first item that you have chosen (the one that you need now) is the resources and qualities that are in you, for some reason, you do not accept them or do not believe that you possess them. The second subject is those resources and those qualities that you cannot appropriate for yourself and look for them in the people around you, in particular, in your partner. This is just what you are missing, and it is very necessary for a happy life.
Interpretation of magic items
Magic wand – self-confidence, ability to solve assigned tasks and achieve the plan. It is also a positive attitude towards life.

Invisible hat – cunning, flexibility in communication, resourcefulness, the ability to bluff to achieve your goal. It is also a non-standard approach to business, irony and wit.
Carpet – the flexibility of the mind, the ability to look at the situation from above. Skill to work in team. Speed ​​in decision making.
Self-cleaning tablecloth – the ability to quickly generate good ideas and find solutions to problems.
Magic ball – the ability to lead people, quickly find a way to any problem and its solution. Leadership and ability to organize work.
Rejuvenating apple – the ability to find a solution, analyze and draw the right conclusions. The ability to compassion, help. Mercy and the ability to support other people, inspiring them to believe in themselves.
The magic mirror is straightforwardness, the ability to correctly present information, the ability to express one’s opinion and not hide it. Not looking for workarounds, go ahead.

Crystal ball – the ability to feel, predict events. Well-developed intuition and insight.
Kladinetsky sword – the use of force to solve problems and achieve goals. Cut from the shoulder, run from one extreme to another. You know how to take risks and put everything at stake for the achievement of your dreams. Do not be afraid to make mistakes.
We remind you that the first item you selected in the test is what is embedded in you, but you don’t see it in yourself or do not believe that you have such abilities. The second subject is something you could live without, but you are looking for it in other people.

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