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Test: What Is Your Mood Right Now?

There are times when we do not understand how we feel, perhaps because we are too caught up in the daily routine and the need to compile what we are doing. We don’t even have time to think about ourselves and our emotions.

For this reason, we have decided to offer you this very simple test and put you to the test. To do this, you will have to look at this photo and take a look and choose an object from those represented in the figure.Once this is done, you may, perhaps, understand yourself better and in what emotional state you are, right now.  

Test: What is your mood right now?

The light bulb

If the object you saw is the bulb, this indicates that it is going through a moment of confusion and internal loss. Basically you feel lost without understanding what you want or want, but you feel the need to dominate your destiny again.

The dog

If the first thing that caught your attention was the dog this means that in your life or you need someone by your side to give you good advice or you are afraid that someone with a strong personality can overcome you. 


The cowbell (bell)

If it was the cowbell or bell that caught your attention it means that you are the type of person who always wants to be the center of attention and as a result you don’t like to be put aside, if that happens you stand out.

The hat

If the first thing that caught your attention was the hat, this tells us that you are a shy person. You don’t like to show off and consequently hide your true self, maybe for fear of not liking.

The handrail

If the handrail or handrail is the first thing you saw this would mean that you feel the need for safe support to overcome a problem or an indecision that afflicts you right now.    


If the first thing that caught your attention is the plant, it means that you are an open and clear person. You are a great friend, you love to enjoy life and in fact take it lightly. 


The glasses do not indicate a physical inability to see, but moral. You usually close your eyes to what you don’t like, especially if it’s you. 

The umbrella

Did you see the umbrella first? This may mean a need for protection, but at the same time it prevents you from seeing and therefore indicates little clarity of ideas.

The watch

If the first thing that caught your attention is the clock this probably indicates that you are a person who is afraid of the time that passes inexorably

The stairs

Did you see the stairs first? They can represent two different stages of your existence.  Or you see them uphill, and then you are following a path of growth.    Or you see them downhill, and that means you are not satisfied with yourself and expect a change.

The scarf

If the object you saw first was the scarf, this indicates that you feel cold, but not from the physical point of view, but that you feel the need to be protected and loved and to feel safe. 


If the object you have seen is the two swords crossed and hung to one side, it means that you tend to be a bit aggressive with others … one thing you do to see yourself better.


If the first thing you have seen is television, this indicates that you are dissatisfied with yourself and your life. You feel that you are trapped in the shoes of someone completely different from you that you would like to leave, but you don’t know how to do it.  

The log

Did you see the trunk first? The part of the tree in the photo is now dry and dead, has no roots or branches. This indicates a sense of uprooting present in you, as if you lacked a solid foundation on which to build the future or live the present.

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