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Jennifer Lopez Vs. Kim Kardashian: Who’s Your Favorite Corset Queen? — VOTE

When it comes to rocking a sexy corset, who wears it better — Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez!? Let us know!

Nothing quite sends an edgy outfit into the stratosphere like the perfect corset! It’s a garment that is just packed with sex appeal! However, not everyone can pull one off! It takes the right frame and loads of confidence to truly make this look shine! But there’s a few celebs out there who were born to rock a lacy corset! We are of course referring to everyone’s fave reality star and proud 3-time mama Kim Kardashian, 37! She’s been sporting all types of corsets for years and they always look fabulous! Head here for loads more pics of famous females killing it in corsets!

But Kimmy isn’t the only curvaceous beauty who knows how to make heads turn in a sexy corset! Singer, actress and all-around boss Jennifer Lopez looks like a goddess whenever she pulls on the bold garment! On Saturday, Jan. 20, she performed at the Staples Center in LA where she hit the stage in a fiery red corset and we’re still picking our jaws up off the ground! Also, we say this all the time, but J.Lo seriously doesn’t age! She’s 48 and she could pass for 25!

We should add that both of these women’s fashion choices have seriously evolved! Once Kim was all about the skimpy club dress but nowadays she’s rocking high-fashion in cool muted colors just like her hubby Kanye West, 40! Likewise, Jennifer once stuck with sporty apparel and gowns that wowed us with their cutouts and cleavage (like a certain green Versace dress)! However, these days she sticks with slightly more conservative ensembles. But do you know what item has stood the test of time for both women? That’s right! The corset! But who wears it best? Let us know below!

HollywoodLifers, what do YOU think? Which celeb is the real Corset Queen?! Vote above and share your thoughts and responses in the comments section below!

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