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This Dancer'S Surprise Proposal Puts Everyone Else To Shame

Thanks to the internet, we've probably all seen about a million (give or take) surprise proposal videos that clutter up our social media feeds. So what makes this one different? It's proceeded by an epic dance routine.

When Ashley Liai went to film a dance with her boyfriend, Phil Wright, she thought it was just another day at work. Wright and Liai are both professional dancers (Wright is also a choreographer) and often film themselves doing routines.

But this dance was more special than the rest because at the end, Wright pulled out a ring.

Trust us, this one's worth watching.

"When EVERYTHING doesnt matter but the one you love @ashleyliai! Thank you @mytypolife for capturing this special moment! Thank you @jinlee205 for allowing to me to share this important part of my life at @mdcdance! Thank you @nikakljun for the last minute hookup! THANK YOU EVERYBODY FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND LOVE SINCE. This Night was UNREAL," he wrote.

And it definitely was unreal. Leave it to two professional dancers to execute the most perfect proposal. Liai didn't know anything about her soon-to-be engagement, but even she played her part with a picture-perfect look of shock when Wright gets down on one knee.

And in case it wasn't obvious, she said yes. A video taken after the dance proposal (danceosal?) shows Wright slipping the ring onto Liai's finger as she continues to cry uncontrollably. And we're right there with her.

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