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13 Guys On What Constitutes Truly Great Sex

Forget toe-curling climaxes (although, they’re great too.) It seems the secret to mind-blowing sex is simply telling your partner what works for you - at least that’s according to guys who weighed in on the matter on Reddit

Here, we’ve rounded up their best titbits on how to take a romp from meh to amazing.

"When she has the 'O face', can't breathe, and her legs are shaking I feel really great about myself." [via]

"When your rhythms sync, and you both enjoy yourself. When you sense something is off, your rhythms don't synch, and she fakes an orgasm, it's hurtful." [via]

"Passion, light-heartedness, paying attention to each other. Communicating any desires and checking in... multiple rounds are nice (for me)." [via]

"Anything that meets my litmus for "fun" and "connection". It can be cool and casual, and that's the "connection" as well as the "fun". It can be intimate and sensitive, slow and tender, and that meets both as well. It can be adventurous and kinky, and there it is again. There are so many different kinds of sex, and really the only times I have found I don't enjoy myself are when it doesn't feel like there's any level of connection happening." [via]

"The biggest turn on is when a girl initiates sex and lets it be known how bad she wants it. Everybody wants to feel wanted, so for me some of the best sex is knowing that she’s horny." [via]​

"When she's an active, enthusiastic partner in bed. She participates equally in the act." [via]

"When there is this carnal desire just to have sex together from the both us. It's this one element which is impossible to fake that makes it really amazing. It requires sexual tension to be present from the start when we met. Sexual tension will be less later down the road in a relationship, luckily there are ways to spark it again." [via]

"I feel like it’s all about being attentive and signalling what is - or isn’t - working. I think I’m naturally fairly quiet in sex, so I have to consciously make an effort to verbalise or super clearly signal what feels right. I need to know my partner is enjoying it. It doesn’t have to all be loud noises but there have to be clear signals." [via]

"Two people that care about each other and each other's pleasure exploring each other and having fun. There's communication of what feels good involved, and probably some laughing, kissing, and cuddling as well." [via]

"When she's enthusiastic and enjoys herself, giving audible and visual feedback that it feels good, and I'm doing pretty much the same." [via]

"To me it's when I know we're both enjoying it. When we're just connected and everything is flowing. If I know she's having a great time and I know I'm having a great time, then it's probably a great time." [via]

"Kegels, kegels are fantastic." [via]

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