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The Big O – What You Perhaps Didn’t Know About Female Orgasm

The question of female orgasm is shrouded in mystery and is also the subject matter of a lot of misapprehension and misinformation. Romantic literature and so called women’s magazines also tend to perpetuate some of the myths relating to the female orgasm.

This can lead to unrealistic sexual expectations and ultimately disappointment and even problems with a relationship or one’s own self esteem that stems from a perceived sexual inadequacy.

The female orgasm is very different from the male orgasm and is so in many different ways –

1.The first obvious point of difference is the fact that the sexual organs of the male and female are diametrically opposite to each other and so the orgasm occurs differently in either sex.

2.The fact is that many women cannot reach orgasm, no matter whether it is attempted through intercourse, or through stimulation/masturbation.

There are genetic factors for this and often upbringing, beliefs and thinking can impact this.

Among those women who do reach orgasm, a majority do so only through masturbation or clitoral stimulation, and not through penetrative sex.

3.For men, orgasm can be mechanical; when stimulation is applied to the member, ejaculation will reasonably occur. However the same is not true for women and there are a number of factors which contribute to the process of reaching orgasm.

4.They are not wrong when they say that the most important female sexual organ is the one between the ears (viz. the brain).

This is why women need to be in the ‘mood’, they need to feel appreciated and desirable, they need to be sufficiently aroused (and lubricated), the atmosphere should also be right, if they are to reach the big O.

5.A number of women’s magazines claim to teach you all about the mythical G spot that women are supposed to have and which is supposed to give a woman the most thrilling of orgasms. While the G spot does in fact exist according to research, research also tells us that there are anatomical dissimilarities between women so that some are able to have that G spot orgasm and some simply cannot.

6.Many of the romantic books that women tend to devour leads us to believe that orgasm is easy and automatic for women and that partners engaging in sex will always reach climax together.

In actual fact female orgasm is not easy to reach, it takes long than male orgasm and the orgasms of both are practically impossible to synchronize.

7.Also contrary to popular belief, a small fraction of women tend to ejaculate any fluid on reaching orgasm, whereas men always do. Female orgasm is usually characterized by waves of rhythmic contractions that may last for several seconds.

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