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Kim Kardashian Silent, ‘Skinny’ & ‘Subdued’ In First Outing Since Attack — Eyewitness

Slowly but surely, Kim Kardashian is recovering from her Paris robbery. has EXCLUSIVE details from her first real outing since returning home to LA.

Kim Kardashian, 36, has finally emerged from hiding for what we believe is the first time since she was violently robbed in Paris, France on October 3. The outing was not a red carpet event or even a glamorous shopping trip, but instead a super low-key visit to Beverly Glen Deli on Tuesday, October 25, with her best friend Jonathan Cheban. Thankfully, has the EXCLUSIVE scoop on her sweet tooth fix!

“We didn’t recognize her because she was so skinny, she was here for two minutes and we actually realized who she was when the pictures were taken as she was leaving,” an eyewitness inside the deli tells EXCLUSIVELY. As for Kim’s appearance, the eyewitness shared that, “Her hair was up, she was very subdued, didn’t really want to make a scene or talk.”

“She was quiet the whole time, her friend did the talking and ordering,” the eyewitness added, referring to Jonathan. Sadly, the eyewitness added that Kim “didn’t seem to be in a good mood,” though that could be because she is still very much on-edge from the robbery. After all, she hasn’t been spotted outside of her home in weeks, so this very well could have been her first trip outside.

The only thing Kim said during her trip to the deli? “Sprinkles, please!” Hey, who doesn’t like sprinkles on their frozen treats, right? Enjoy it, Kim!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — What do YOU think about Kim’s outing? Are you happy to hear that she’s slowly making her way back out into the world? Comment below!

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