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When You Kink-Shame Donald Trump, You’re Missing The Point

Of the 36-page report, only two paragraphs are dedicated to Trump's time in Russia and the sexual practices he may or may not have engaged in while there. We're not seeing jokes about Russia's intimidation tactics, or outrage about Trump's alleged willingness to trade information, which make up a majority of the report. Instead, America immediately pounced on the urine fetish as a "weakness" in Trump, as opposed to focusing on the far more serious allegations that were also on display in the document. And frankly, this nonsense is a waste of our time right now. Trump enjoying golden showers was an immediate, irresistible thrill for the public. We were, and continue to be, titillated by it. Our reactions legitimized it as blackmail, proving that we arbitrarily draw the line at what is and isn't okay when it comes to sex. This isn't to say we shouldn't be talking about it. The golden shower detail provokes a shocking image, but it's not shameful or embarrassing for the reasons too many on the internet are implying. Trump's alleged sexual preferences aren't the problem. Trump allegedly booking the room with the bed the Obamas slept in for the express purpose of defiling it, Trump's repeated attempts to delegitimize a Black president, and Trump's disregard for the hotel and its staff is. These blatant acts of disrespect (if they're all true, that is) are simply unfitting of a president-elect.However, as far as Trump is concerned, the best thing the public could do is focus on the golden shower incident in lieu of holding the microscope to the far more shocking, actually harmful details of the report. Now more than ever, in a time where it seems the very fabric of reality is slipping through our fingers, we have to hold onto our values and stick to them, as well as examine and rework any beliefs that may be holding us back. Let's not let a dated view of sexuality shift our focus from the real work that needs to be done: taking these allegations seriously, finding the truth, and figuring out how best the American people can move forward.

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