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Indian Palm Reading For Female - Money Line, Fate Line, Sun Line, Marriage Line On Female Hand

1) Downward line from life line on female hand - Downward line from lifeline which goes towards Mount of Moon denotes gynec issues, menstrual disorder, desire to leave birthplace, etc.

2) Money line and sign on female hand - Marriage line join sun line denotes marry to rich man.  Sun line starts from fate line denotes sudden gain of wealth or lucky for husband.

3) Marriage line and sign on female hand 

- Fork marriage line, break on marriage line, mole on marriage line, island on marriage line denotes problem in married life, divorce, deception and separation.

4) Fate line and sign on female hand -

Broken fate line under head line denotes problem in married life, not able to conceive, parallel fate line denotes extramarital affair. 

5) Head line and sign on female hand - 

Big gap in between head line and life line with long Jupiter finger denotes problem in married life due to independent thinking and ego problem.

6) Heart line and sign on female hand - Branch less heart line denotes fertility issue and if heart line starts from between middle finger and index finger then always chances of deception in love.

7) Travel line in palmistry for female hand - If branch of fate line goes towards Lower Mount of Moon then there are chances of abroad travel or long journey soon after marriage.

8) Mole on left and right palm of female -

Mole is inauspicious sign as per Indian Palmistry. Mole on marriage line denotes troublesome married life, mole on life line denotes severe health issue, mole on fate line denotes problem in life or financial loss, mole on heart line denotes deception in love and mole on head line denotes eye and brain related issue.

Meaning Of Fate Line With Images In Indian Palmistry

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