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People Are Getting Really Into This New Egg Trend​

With eggs, it kind of feels like everything that you can do to them has been done. You can hard-boil, fry, or scramble them, have them over easy, or—if you really want to get fancy—make Eggs Benedict. (Here are our 14 favorite ways to make eggs.) But apparently that’s not all you can do, because now people are making something called “cloud eggs.”

Cloud eggs are simply fluffy egg whites with a yellow center, designed to look like a sun in the middle of puffy white clouds (Get it?). According to the Daily Mail, they’re pretty easy to make: You just separate the egg yolk from the white and whip the white into a meringue. Then, layer the “clouds” on a baking sheet, and cook them in the oven at 450 degrees for five to eight minutes. Add the yolk and bake for another three minutes, and you’re good to go.Some people are getting fancy with them by adding cheese, ham, scallions, and bacon, while others are purists.

Naturally, foodies are posting photos of their cloud eggs on Instagram. Check out the evidence:

Of course, cloud eggs take a little more effort than swishing some eggs around in a pan, so it’s probably best to save this new dish for the weekend.

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