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Kanye West Disgusted By Lamar Odom, Will Treat Kim Like ‘Royalty’

Kanye thinks the way Lamar treated Khloe Kardashian during their marriage was ‘completely foul,’ and he’s vowed to never, ever disrespect his fiance, Kim Kardashian, like that, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Kanye West doesn’t think much of Lamar Odom after Kim Kardashian filled him in on everything the former NBA player has put Khloe Kardashian through. Luckily, Kim has nothing worry about in the husband department, as Kanye has promised her that he will always treat her “like royalty,” is EXCLUSIVELY reporting.

Kanye West On Lamar Odom Divorce — He’s Disgusted & Will Treat Kim Like Royalty

Kanye was appalled when he saw Lamar’s drunken rap video, in which the basketball star seemed to reference cheating on Khloe.

[hl_youtube src=”youtube=″ link=”youtube=″ text=”Lamar Split From Khloe Over Alleged Drug Use”]

“He thought [Lamar’s behavior toward Khloe] was completely foul and told Kim that he would never, ever disrespect her or treat her in any other manner except like royalty,” a source close to the Yeezus artist reveals EXCLUSIVELY to

How sweet! We love that Kanye always puts Kim first, and it’s great to know that he would never do her wrong.

Why Kanye West Thinks Lamar Odom Is ‘Garbage’

We’re told that even though Kanye, 36, is disappointed in Lamar, 34, he “doesn’t hate” him. In fact, Kanye has always gave him the benefit of the doubt. He even went out on a limb and invited Lamar and Khloe to his concert in an attempt to bring them back together.

“He invited Lamar to some of his shows because he knew what time it was and he knew he and Khloe weren’t seeing things eye-to-eye,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. “He tried to mend the fences.”

“But after all this sh** came out, after Kim told her how Khloe would be up crying at night and in pain, he lost all respect for Lamar as a man,” the source added. “He doesn’t hate him though, but he thinks he’s garbage.”

Ouch! What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Is Kanye being too hard on Lamar? Let us know.

— Eric Ray

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