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Kanye West Breaks News That He’s Moving Back To Chicago & Doing Album With Chance The Rapper

Uh oh! Kanye West has announced that he’s moving back to his native Chicago and ‘never leaving again’ after he’s done working with Chance the Rapper. We’ve got details on if wife Kim Kardashian is okay with this.

Bye bye Calabasas! Kanye West, 41, has made the huge announcement that he’s moving back to his hometown of Chicago permanently and that he’s going to work on a new album with the city’s other rap hero, Chance the Rapper, 25. That would make for a really uncomfortable marriage to Kim Kardashian, as there’s no way she and their three kids would uproot from her native LA to live in the Windy City. Yeezy made an appearance alongside Chance on Sept. 17 in Chi-Town and revealed, “I want to thank my brother Chance for bringing me back to Chicago. I wanna let you know I’m moving back to Chicago and never leaving,” as his hometown audience roared in delight.

“Me and Chance working on a brand new album. It’s called Good Ass Job,” he continued as the crowd went wild. There had been some hints of a collab between the two incredible talents when on Sept. 16, Chance shared an Instagram post that read “Good Ass Job” in white letters against a pink background. That had die-hard Yeezy fans going nuts knowing the history of those three words.

In a 2003 MTV News interview while he was still just a music producer, Kanye said that after his debut album College Dropout came out in 2004, his next album would be titled Late Registration and that, “my third album is going to be called Graduation. And the fourth is Good-Ass Job.” While the third title was correct, Kanye changed course for his fourth album. Following the breakup of a longtime relationship and the death of his beloved mother Donda West in 2007, he went on to release 808s & Heartbreak as his fourth album and never used Good Ass Job as a title.

While music fans have to be thrilled with Kanye and Chance heading into the studio together in Chicago, it can’t be good news for Kim. Her entire family is in Calabasas, including her mom and all of her sisters. Kim and Kanye just added a third child to their brood via surrogate in January, and the couple named the baby girl after Kanye’s hometown of Chicago. So far Kim hasn’t reacted on social media about Kanye’s big move, but she can’t be happy about it. Kanye can be pretty unpredictable, making one wonder if he seriously discussed this life-changing move with his wife before putting the world on blast.

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