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There Are A Lot Of Good Reasons To Masturbate On Your Period

How you feel during your period can vary from period to period. One month you might feel crampy and bloated and want to curl up in bed — other months, you might feel like your sex drive is higher than ever. If you want to masturbate during your period, there’s no reason not to — and in fact, it has a few unique benefits.

First, the usual benefits of masturbation — including stress relief, that rush of endorphins, and making it easier to fall asleep — don't go away during your period. Plus, masturbating on your period can also help relieve period cramps, says Alyssa Dweck, MD, an Ob/Gyn who practices in New York. (The same goes for period sex.) “We know orgasm helps with cramps, and we know orgasm might be heightened at different times during your menstrual cycle, so orgasms might be more enhanced with your period," she says.

That’s right — some people have reported that they have their best orgasms when they’re on their period. Researchers aren't totally sure why this is, but it's likely related to why some people see their sex drives spike during that time of the month: hormonal changes. During your period, estrogen and progesterone are lower and testosterone is slightly higher than usual. Plus, your genitals are extra-sensitive and period blood means you're extra-lubricated.

If you want to masturbate on your period but are concerned about mess, there are a few different options. For a mess-free solution, you can wear a tampon, menstrual cup, or diaphragm and skip the penetration, focusing on clitoral stimulation. But if you like vaginal penetration while you masturbate, you don’t have to give it up — you can masturbate in the shower or tub so clean-up is easy, or you can just lay down a towel and go for it. Feel free to get out the sex toys, too. "It might be a little messy, but most of these things are easily washed," says Dr. Dweck.

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